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Mugla Guzel Santlar Ve Spor
Thursday 10 February 2011
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Mugla Fine Arts and Sports Professional Phigh school is located in a region whose economy is mainly based on tourism and the quality of its cultural landscape (architecture, seascape, musical traditions). It provides teaching professionals of Applied Arts visual arts and music.

Mugla Fine Arts and Sports High School provides an area of learning that is based upon the visual, tangible arts (drawing, sculpture, painting and music in classical and modern). School clubs (painting club,music club, democracy club) organize activities (courses and exibitions) for young people both inside and outside of the school to reflect their feelings and to express their ideas in positive, artful and democratic ways.

It is a school specialised in the teaching of art subjects and applied art of wood and textile and music skills including Turkish traditional and European classical. Mugla Fine Arts and Sports High School Mugla trains future artists, but also specialists in art, design.

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The Establishment is open to the outside world and works in partnership with tourism organizations in the region organizing exhibitions and cultural events for students to have direct contact with the cultural demand of the region

The population of the institution composed of students from disadvantaged socio requires professional development projects focused on the cultural environment that meet the objectives of education and training with special experience about soundscapes to cross musical traditions and modernity with techno music and also graffiti studies to fit the needs of advertisement sector.

The project themes focused on vocational education and landscape reflects the priorities of the institution and it would:
- adapt vocational education to the artistic needs of the labor market
- to innovate by adopting a methodology based on sensitive intelligence
- Exchange of experiences with interactive tools
- Enhance our cultural heritage by participating in a common work

In this project, training of trainers will be involved teachers and professionals of the artistic professions (architecture, visual artists, musicians who, through this training experience will
- Contribute to the diversification and increase the practical with the introduction of new trade tells that (designer, art director) to adapt a dynamic labor market and flexible
- Exchanging experiences in the field of cultural heritage


Team "GREEN 21 " Güzel Santlar Ve Spor Lisesi, Mugla, Turquie

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