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Papeete ,Tahiti France. Association Artiste No Tahiti FR
Sunday 27 March 2011
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The association ‘Artiste No Tahiti’, whose members are artists and trainers, aims at promoting the French Polynesia through courses of visual arts.

The activities of this organization are part of the cultural policy carried out by French Polynesia that particularly wants to emphasize:

- its cultural tourism, that is discovering the island by focusing on the deep knowledge of its cultural landscape and gardens through the recognition of the travel-writers, laminate-artists and musicians who have lived or stayed on the island;
- the need for its territory to be acknowledged as part of Europe.

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Besides the courses, the Association organizes a number of cultural events:

- exhibitions;
- conversations on the subject of the landscape and gardens to meet the requests of the cultural tourism.

The Leonardo da Vinci project ("Exchange of practical vocational training landscape") addressed to the professional education linked to arts, crafts and landscape will open the association towards other prospects and increase its area of intervention in favour of a larger number of users such as professionals involved in the landscape field like gardeners, tourist guides, cooks, receptionists, transport operators, welcome and waiting staff.

See the presentation of the association Artiste No Tahiti. (2,7 Mo - french)

The association ‘Artiste No Tahiti’ along with API Formation will participate in the training project.

Martine Guichard Artiste No Tahiti

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