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The Blue project of the Popular University "La Sorgiva ", Montecchio Elimlia, Italy
Friday 5 February 2016
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JPEGIts aim is to promote culture under its different aspects by comparing the various civilizations according to the teaching methods of ‘permanent training’.
- Through culture and social relations, we try to give our contribution in order to solve the debated issue of marginalization of the elderly and people from different foreign countries and social levels.
- We promote activities aimed at reaching knowledge and teaching how to use this knowledge in a pertinent, significant way, as we believe that shared education is necessary for a democracy to exist.
- Learning, together with reading and understanding abilities, is an important means of participation and involvement in our society.

The contribution that ‘La Sorgiva’ intends to present at the project ‘Les chemins du bleu en Europe’ its blue, is that of waters and skies.

The geographical area considered is the Po Valley, the part of Italy which is richer in water, crossed by the river Po and its many tributaries, studded with lakes and spas at the foot of the Alps, surrounded by the Adriatic sea, the ‘sea of Europe’ and the Ligurian sea, ‘the gulf of the poets’.

The birth of its civilization, the morphology of the land, its flourishing economy that enabled the construction of cathedrals, castles, mansions and gardens, are also a consequence of the richness in water.


The three-year program during which we shall be involved in the European project with courses, conferences and tours, will give us the chance to discover, appreciate and promote the treasures of our natural and artistic heritage.

Since the surface of river courses reflects our skies (‘skies so beautiful when they are beautiful’, just to paraphrase Alessandro Manzoni, one of our greatest writers and father of our language), one wishes to admire them in the Correggio’s, Giotto’s, Parmigianino’s and Mantegna’s frescoed domes, or find them quoted in the Canticles of Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy or approached through philosophy or questioned through the Tarots, and cast a glance at the mysteries of outer space.

Therefore there shall be philosophy, literature, history of art, geography, music and astronomy courses and lectures with writers and artists, tours and workshops.

Furthermore, this year we shall collaborate with the Councilor for ‘equal opportunities’ and the Association ‘Diversamente Abili’ which helps racial integration of immigrant women and their children; we shall also continue to work with the guests of the local old people’s daytime home which hosts the elderly who still have the ability and will to be involved in simple activities.


Three main pillars support ‘La Sorgiva’: culture, socialization and volunteering. This project will provide a fourth pillar: ‘the courage of a leap into the blue’.

Boniburini Naire, Di Nisio Luciana, Università Popolare "La Sorgiva", Montecchio Emilia, IT

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