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Granada, 07-10 March 2018. Seventh Transnational Meeting of the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership "Roads of the Blue in Europe"
Monday 12 March 2018
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The team of S.E.P. "Pablo Freire" in Maracena came in large numbers to welcome the representatives of the Erasmus + partnership of 8 structures. The team invited all its local and territorial partners, school representatives, artists, the press and the media to attend the first dissemination of the intellectual productions of the Erasmus + project, in particular « Pedagogy of the Colour Blue in Europe », , published in 5 languages

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All project partners intervened, in turn, to present the activities undertaken within the structure of this project, during the three years of fruitful activities pertaining to the paths of the colour blue in Europe.

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This broadcast of the intelellectual output of the project was carried out as part of a larger series of events, which amplified its positive reception :

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- the performance of Euripides’ play Medea, in which the tonalities of the colour blue reflect the primitive, sacred essence of mankind and of its deities.

- an artwork exhibition featuring works by the project’s target audience, thematically linked to the idea of theatrical representation (masks, costumes, hairdos, make up, accessories, lights), but also utilizing, in equal measure, the other forms of artistic expression used since the beginning of the project (photography, azulejos, painting, drawing, writing).

This seminar has made for three days of intense activity. The local media in the province of Andalusia is actively involved in informing the public and broadcasting details relating to this project.

Maracena TV

View the video event

Maria Josefa Lopez Montes, Principal of the "Pablo Freire" Adult Education Center , Maracena, Granada, Spain

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