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The « Blue » project in S.I.S.A.M, International School of Mosaic and Fresco Arts, Ravenna, IT
Tuesday 23 February 2016
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JPEG The first stage of the educational activities of the Erasmus + project “Roads of the Blue in Europe” took place at the C.P.I.A, Provincial Center for Adult Education. The proposed course was developed and managed by the International School of Mosaic and Fresco Arts, led by Prof. Valentino Montanari, Dr. Donatella Mazza and Professor Deborah Gaetta, with the collaboration of CPIA teachers, Alessandra Baldi, Imma de Masi, Mara Forlin and Milla Lacchini.

SISAM, in this project, is sponsored by the municipality of Ravenna, Casa Matha, with the collaboration of the "Guido Novello" high school and the CPIA. The educational journey is part of a multi-cultural project based on the understanding and improvement of a common theme: the color blue as a symbol of European identity. These activities, in four afternoon sessions of three hours each, emphasizing teaching, focused on the following aspects: 1. Multidisciplinary objectives 2. Workshop activities 3. Analysis of the materials 4. Educational objectives achieved Regarding the first point, the aspects that would most concern adult learners have been identified: foreign languages, art, science, mathematics. Project representatives required the active participation of teachers and students, in more of an experimental fashion: it was specifically advocated photography with the description of the natural elements that reveal the design intent. These will be personal photos and the classroom work will be assisted by the teachers. The workshop is intended for multi-disciplinary production (mosaics, technical drawings, chromatic study), in order to translate the colour blue as a European symbol. This phase will be realized through educational outings, so as to sensitize the learners to the artistic heritage and technical realization of the mosaic, typical of the city of Ravenna. It is particularly important for the study of the meaning of the color blue in Italian culture and in the main languages spoken by learners of several cultures:
- Italian
- English
- French
- Arabic The lexical survey was developed not only through grammatical study, but also with a particular reference to the spoken language and idiomatic expressions of their respective linguistic heritage. The production of these elaborations will be the subject of examinations and sharing between the students and the speakers: all materials shall be collected in a video document and in the forthcoming book, which is due to be published in five languages.


It can therefore be concluded that the purpose of the main course is to harmonize sensitivities and different cultures through a workshop approach aimed at making students a part of the construction of their own European identity.
View the presentation of the SISAM School, held in Granada as part of the first Transnational meeting of the project.

Prof. Valentino Montanari, Principal of la Scuola S.I.S.A.M, Ravenna, Italy

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