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The blue project of the "Center for Adult Education" Maracena Granada, Spain
Friday 30 October 2015
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JPEG The blue project of the Center for Adult Education of Maracena has, as its major objective, the training of its 275 lifelong learners, in the field of acquiring the key skills necessary for their social inclusion. It gives rise to an educational program (10 pedagogical sheets) and to a notebook of paths, over the Andalusian blue.

_This education and these skills are built through their historical, artistic and environmental training.
The Erasmus + project is articulated with the Program for the Safeguarding of Andalusian Traditions for "The Survival of Andalusian Art", along which the path of blue in Granada takes shape.
See the diaporama presenting the project

Maria Josefa Lopez Montes, Director of the Adult Education Center of Maracena, Spain

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