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Roads of the blue in Europe: the pedagogical file
Monday 5 March 2018
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The 80 educational leaflets gathered under the title "Pedagogy of the blue color in Europe: Transversality of learning", created within the framework of the Erasmus + project "The paths of blue in Europe: transversality of learning and transculturality of languages ​​2015-2018" are now accessible in the five languages ​​of the partner structures: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.

These cards, before being validated, have been tested with the various target groups: young people and adults in a social integration program, disabled people, elderly people, schoolchildren of different levels. They have been translated
- in Spanish by Silvia Susana Segarra Lagunes,
- in Italian by Cesarina Luppi,
- in Portuguese by Carlos Costa and Ricardo Santos,
- in Romanian by Nicoleta Bichescu.
They have been grouped according to 5 themes:
- Literature, writing, poetry
- Performing arts and visual arts: cinema, photography, installation, theater
- Heritage Arts: Mosaic, Ceramic, Fabric Print
- Plastic arts: painting, sculpture
- Mathematics, Science and Technology

The forms are made freely available to educators, facilitators and teachers wishing to use them. They can not under any circumstances be the subject of commercial transactions.

See the sheets:
- in spanish
- in français
- in italian
- in portuguese
- in roman

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