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Acquamarina Associazione Culturale
Sunday 7 January 2018
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JPEG Acquamarina is based in Trieste, Italy. It is an associative structure dedicated for sixteen years to the promotion and dissemination of the language and photographic culture, through workshops, trainings and photographic events.
Although touristic, this region is affected by unemployment and early school leaving (15.2% boys and 12.7% girls). 32.9% of adults lack skills in key skills.

To overcome these difficulties, Acquamarina implements, in the project Erasmus + Garden Without Borders, various research workshops, artistic practice and cultural training in gardens, promoting communication through photography.

It collaborates with schools and high schools in Trieste and with the Orto Botanico de Trieste for school-based interventions within the framework of the project. Target audiences are also students of the Liceo artistico de Cortina d’Ampezzo.
She is also collaborating with the Orto Botanico de Padova, for a common pedagogical work for the students of the Padova schools. She is involved in the project in the field of translation of educational tools in English.

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