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In Enghien Castle’s gardens : water
samedi 25 octobre 2008
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To discover water as part and parcel of the garden, in its historical, scientific and aesthetic aspects.


- To read a garden and elaborate its meanings
- To identify and characterize physical phenomena and matter states


- To look for information permitting representation
- To represent by various tools
- In front of one’s own and the others’ productions, to question oneself, to compare, analyse, justify, explain.


- Enghien Park,
- Fontaines du Jardin des Tarots (Fountains of the Tarots Garden) de N de St Phalle
- Versailles Gardens’ pond



- Work in partnership with the Environment Initiation Centre, a service set in the park of Enghien Château, in order to implement a two-way partnership between the teacher and the specialized guide. Each partner uses their specific skills to bring into class life the skills and notions tackled by the pupils during the activities.
- Before visiting the park, the teacher suggests the children should write and/or draw what they imagine about a fountain’s functioning (initial representation).

Then the pupils visit the park and discover the functioning of hydraulic works in the park : the various places where water is present, still or immobile waters (canal, ponds), moving waters (fountains), the way a fountain or a pond could formerly be supplied with/made to function.


- In workshops, the children then discover the principle of communicating vessels, with the help of the specialised animating guide and the teacher ; they apply this principle to the park’s fountains.
- In class, applying the various elements discovered, the children produce a fountain being careful about the aesthetic aspect as much as the physical aspect of the mechanism.
- Discovery of contemporary fountains, their integration into urban or natural environment.
- Visit of a lock.
- Water experiments in the field of physical sciences.

Brossart Catherine, Chaaban Denis, De Brabanter David, Smessaert Frédéric. Haute Ecole du Roi Baudouin , Braine-Le-Comte , Belgique

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