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Garden finery
Friday 14 November 2008
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Act in a garden


- to make the children sensitive to physical auto-observation
- to show devices used to construct one’s image


- to identify oneself and others through self-expression modes
- to dare to show one’s creation, to stage
- to argue


- Supple wire
- Raffia
- Plants
- Camera
- CD or cassette player
- Slide projector


From the plants found in the garden each child creates a finery element. The pupil chooses in the garden a place where he/she wants to be photographed with their finery.

Then the student positions the finery in the garden so as to set it off. They take a photo.

After having observed the photos, the pupil chooses at home a music that will reveal their personality, the image they want to reflect through: posture, the finery, the place chosen in the garden.



In official photos (for instance wedding photos) study the way a photograph proceeds to stage in a natural setting.


For the oldest: create and edit a short film introducing the whole group.

For the youngest: stage oneself in a garden while being photographed with their favourite toy.


Realize the necessity of consistency between the individual
- finery
- staging
- photo and their music.

Claire-Hélène Blanquet Lycée Martin V École d’Application U.C.L Option Art Louvain-la-Neuve Belgique

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