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« Fixed under glass » gardens
Friday 14 November 2008
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To paint about the theme of garden, taking advantage of the « fixed under glass »technique.


- To sharpen one’s sense of observation
- To enrich one’s technical repertory
- To take advantage of the works of artists.


- Constituting collections
- Reading an image, being able to spot the construction of its space in different grounds.
- Experimenting the « fixed under glass » technique


- Vinyl painting,
- pictures of gardens,
- 2 or 3 cm thick plates of Perspex



- Flower paintings by Sandrine Morsillo
- Gérard Gasiorowski
- Jean-Marie Deroche


Preliminary : Organise many sessions of painting ; take advantage of the observation of the works of painters to enrich the technical repertory.

Choose the picture of a garden. Spot the various grounds which make up the landscape.

Place the image under a Perspex plate. Placer l’image sous une plaque d’altuglas. Paint in successive layers, starting with the foreground ; end up with the background ; let each layer dry before moving on to the next.



Develop an interest in « fixed under glass » art as practiced in Africa. Create other works based on new themes.


It will deal with the ability to

- read images, identify the various grounds
- reuse the techniques experimented.

Annick Le Caro Coordinatrice de la Zone d’Éducation Prioritaire Mantes-la-Jolie Yvelines France

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