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08. Partners

  • The Beliaev Cultural Centre, Faro, Portugal

    11 June 2014
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    The European project of the Beliaev Cultural Centre in Faro is focussed on creating choreography using themes developed by the Grundtvig partnership, Languages of the Vegetal in Europe, especially those concerning myths described in the arts and literature of Antiquity.

  • Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture

    11 January 2014
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    Located in the Potager du Roi created by Louis XIV in Versailles, the Versailles-Marseille National School of Landscape Architecture is the heir to the garden and greenhouse architecture chair created in 1874 at Versailles Horticultural School (École d’Horticulture de Versailles). Several famous names were involved in the teaching of landscape and garden architecture before the last war: Jean Darcel, Auguste Choisy, Edouard André, René-Edouard André and Ferdinand Duprat. In 1976, the ENSP replaced the Landscape and Garden Art Section (Section du Paysage et de l’Art des Jardins) created at the National Horticulture School (École Nationale d’Horticulture) in 1945, then at the National Higher School of Horticulture (École nationale supérieure d’Horticulture) upon its transfer to Angers in 1996.

  • The Tagliolini Foundation, San Quirico d’Orcia IT

    3 October 2013
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    The Tagliolini Foundation is a centre for the Study of Landscape and Gardens and comprises the five towns of the Val d’Orcia region. It has an extensive specialized library on landscapes and gardens that also includes valuable, ancient books.

    The photographic archive contains thousands of colour and black and white images of the most important gardens of central Italy. It also includes lesser-known, smaller gardens. The Foundation has taken steps in recent years to digitize hundreds of black and white photographs documenting the status of the landscape of the Val d’Orcia (which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

  • RO- "George Apostu" Cultural Center, Bacau

    24 September 2013

    JPEG The team of the Cultural Center George Apostu begins preparations for the second meeting of the project work, immediately after returning from Granada. According to the meeting agenda, prepared in detail during the working meeting of November 8 project, it was decided the division of tasks for each participant in the project.

  • RO - Bacău School inspectorate

    23 June 2013
  • IT. La Sorgiva Montecchio

    1 April 2013
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    La Sorgiva People’s University (in Italian Università Popolare La Sorgiva), first started in the early 90’s when the Emilia-Romagna region put an educational social policy into action fostering the development of associations with the intended aim to act as aggregation points for adults, most of whom are retired and interested in treading cultural paths again after neglecting culture during their working life.

  • BE Récréarts association, Eghezée, Belgique

    3 December 2012
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    Récréarts is a non-profit-association which is situated in Belgium 29, rue de la Tombale 5310 Aische en Refail Eghezée.

    Our Objectives are :
    - promoting and developing the knowledge of art at school and in long-life learning associations.
    - initiating and supporting cultural, educational and artistic projets.
    - the recognition by authorities of the official status of artistic teachers.
    - creating a network between Belgian and European artistic partners.

  • ES “Pablo Freire? Adult Education School in Maracena, Granada, Spain.

    15 November 2012
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    In the framework of the Grundtvig activities prepared by our school about vegetable drawings in pottery as regards the research and knowledge about the Andalusian pottery and the use of decorative drawings in them. These activities were carried out in 2012 and they brought about the organization of the first international meetings in Maracena and Granada in October 2012. Conferences and workshops were prepared for the participants in the meeting.


    15 October 2012
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    The Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière association coordinates the Grundtvig Languages of the Vegetal in Europe partnership with the support of its online resources network, which it has been running since 2007 with contributions from its various national and European partners.
    It designs and administers the website pages in three languages specific to the Languages of the Vegetal en Europe project, and the online tools it has created, in particular the interactive, multilingual Herbarium on the home page.