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January 15, 2011. Bacău. Romania. Researches on the Blue Colour in the Romanian people’s Art
Tuesday 18 January 2011
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We believe and we do not exaggerate at all when saying that the blue feels like home in Romania. The multiple and constant presence of this colour in the lives of the Romanians and their ancestors is illustrated in this Pontic Danubian Carpathian land, one of the oldest civilizations of Europe.


Is there anyone who has not heard yet, for example, talking about the mysterious ‘blue of Voronet’?

No scientist has yet managed to learn with certainty about its origin or about the exact proportions of pigments that compose it. It is a unique shade, which exists nowhere in the world but on the frescoes of the monastery of Voronet. For hundreds of years, it reflects the pure blue sky.

What touches anyone who contemplates this blue, whatever his country, language or culture, is the depth of that colour. This blue plays in a chromatic symphony, where the paintings are like a jewel-case made of gold and precious stones for the church of Moldavia, at the same time the role of first violinist, conductor and visual link between all compositional registers.


The Romanian blue praises love for daily life: blue as fabrics, embroidered and sequined peasant blouses, shirts, skirts and scarves. Blue like the terra cotta pottery, the plates and cups made of traditional ceramics of Horezu, and the painted designs on Easter eggs.

Isn’t this blue a constant memory of our origins and our ancient beauties?

Article written by Cristian Bandi, Inspector in charge of Arts Education in the Rectorate of Bacau
Photos taken by: Marina Rosca and Irena Florescu.

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