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24-25 June 2011 Saint Germain en-Laye Closing International Symposium The languages of the blue
Monday 8 August 2011
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Within the framework of the International Grundtvig Learning partnership The Languages of the blue . Creativity and interculturality , a two-year project coordinated by Aline Rutily see the images of the project , an event has been organized by the association "Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière "in Saint Germain- en- Laye with the partnership of the City, the National Archaeology Museum "Château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye" and Maurice Denis Museum.

The event was held with the support of Emmanuel Lamy, Mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Patrick Perin General Curator of Museum of Archaeology and National Public Domain Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Marta of Cidrac, Deputy- Mayor for Children, Isabelle Richard, Deputy- Mayor in charge of animation, civic life and tourism, Benoit Battistelli, Deputy- Mayor in charge of culture.

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Le château de Saint-Germain-en-Laye.Photographie Valorie GO.

- 24-25 June 2011 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Castle Auditorium, National Antiquities Museum and the Saint-Germain-en-Laye Public Domain. International Symposium The languages ​​of the blue.
After the opening of the conference by Jean Soulier President of the Association "Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière " FR Constantin Scripat, Prefect of Bacau RO, Aline Rutily, Grundtvig project coordinator:"The Languages of the ​​blue " presents the thematic and the European history sources of the color blue.
More of the conference .

- 24-25 June 2011. Espace Véra, headquarters of the Europe house Association "Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière " adult learners’ work exhibition. It’s in connection with the Grundtwig Worshop "The colour blue at the crossroads of interculturality and artistic"

See the exhibition Espace Véra.

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Le livre-DVD du projet.

- 24 June 2011 . Espace Véra, headquarters of the Europe House Public presentation of the book :"The Languages of the blue in Europe, Albastru , Azul, Blue, Blu … in the presence of Emmanuel Lamy, Mayor of Saint-Germain-en-Laye, within the framework of the Workshop inaugural exibition.

- 25 June 2011 Holy Chapel Saint Germain Royal Castle , National Archaelogy Museum and Saint Germain Public Domain Inauguration of the Intercultural Carpet Blue, a collective work , concept developed by Aline Rutily in presence of the deputy Mayors Marta de Cidrac, Isabelle Richard et Benoit Battistelli and Constantin Scripat Prefect of Bacau .

The Chapel Royal Castle of Saint-Germain-en-Laye is a magnificent setting for this large blue carpet that symbolizes a friendship in a building process between the partners.
See Intercultural Blue Carpet.

- 25 june 2011 Saint-Germain-en-Laye Alexandre Dumas Theater , AZUL choregraphy . This choregraphy has been created on July 2010 by Beliaev Cultural Centre Faro PT, within the framework of the Algarve Dance Festival PT.
Azul choreographers’ interview.

Participants :

- Romania
Constantin Scriptat, Prefect of Bacau.
Angela Sterpu Inspector. Bacau.
Vasilica Petronela Irimia. Teacher.
Chirciu Olga. Teacher.
Nicoleta Bichescu. Journalist.
Mère Elena Simionovici. Voronet Monastery.
Mère Gabriela Platon. Voronet Monastery .

- Italy
Donatella Mazza, Director of Service Policies and Advanced Training for the University Ravenna IT.
Oriella Garavini public Realtions. Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.
Antonio Violetta Teacher and sculptor.Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.
Raniero Bittante. Teacher and graphist. Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.
Deborah Gaetta Teacher. Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.
Roberto Papetti. Environmental Education and Games Expert. Ravenna.
Maria Désirée Chiaudani. Student. Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.
Giulia Alecci. Student. Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.
Samantha Meredith Holmes. Student. Fine Arts Academy. Ravenna.

- Portugal
Evgueni Beliaev Director Beliaev Cultural Centre Faro.
Laura Andrade. Teacher. Beliaev Cultural Centre Faro.
Rosaria Prospero. Teacher. Beliaev Cultural Centre Faro.
Natalia Abramova. Teacher. Beliaev Cultural Centre Faro.
Carolina Cantinho, Miguel Ramos Santos, Sara Fiona Kaiser, Ana Filipa, Cavaco, Beatriz Gonçalves, Joana Teigão, Tatiana Ursu, Ivânia Faustino, Sávio Gontijo, Ana Luísa Cavaco, Pedro Teigão, João Carlos Parreira Fernandes, Inês Ferrer, Débora Casimiro, dancers .

- France
"Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière" Association , Saint-Germain-en-Laye. President Jean Soulier, .
Aline Rutily. Artist, Grundtvig project coordinator.
Martine Besnardeau, Michèle Breau, Bernard Capillon, Roberte Capillon, Georges Coche, Mimi Contesse, Annie Dancette, Jean-Pierre Dancette, Françoise Diaz, Arlette Drapeau, Denis Drapeau, Patrick François, Nathalie Frémaux, Françoise Frenet-Gastard, Laurent Freyssinet, Claudine Guillemin, Yvette Herbé, Anne Ikhlef, Mustapha Khairani, Magali Labbé, Monique Malique, Annick Le Caro,Véronique Laulier, Claudine Le Doran, Marie-Claude Le Vaillant, Patrick Picollier, Annie Portet, Nathalie Redon, Jacqueline Salaün, Martine Simon, Philippe Soulier, Hélène Tallec, Martine Vimeney, Dominique Watrin, association’s members .

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