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  • “The roads of the Blue in Europe, transversality of learnings and transculturality of languages?

    9 January 2016

    Their common desire is to:
    - develop innovative educational practices and exchanges of experiences for the acquisition of key skills, from learning transverse of the colour blue as "European social fact",
    - motivate, from this cross-cultural cooperation, the involvement of learners in a range of activities where information and communication technologies are used in creative and rewarding to build a virtual and collective logbook, which would provide between partners "a European route of blue", - improve and expand high quality learning opportunities adapted to adult learners, including through educational approaches on the learner, to reach adults including the most disadvantaged.

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  • Erasmus + Key 1 Mobility Courses 2016-2017. How to become our partner?

    16 December 2015

    You are teachers, trainers, managers, consultants, responsible for a team or school or adult education , our Erasmus + training courses are for you !

    What sort of Erasmus + action is it? The Key Action 1 Mobility for Vocational Training
    - Personal school education
    - The education of adults. Before February 2, 2016 candidates apply for a mobility project, with a request to their National Agency for funding, to cover the costs of preparing , monitoring, travel, accommodation, courses… One school or structure can ask for several courses.

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  • New Erasmus + Mobility K1 courses 2016-2017, Pedagogy of landscape and garden

    14 December 2015

    Cultivate our garden, with Voltaire sense to educate, develop, make grow, which contains the germ of European humanity . Belong to Europe, as to the same garden

    The European Association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière organises 3 new international training courses Erasmus+.
    These courses are the result of the European project of training of trainers Socrates Comenius The garden, a living monument. Heritage education gardens in Europe, coordinated by Aline Rutily from 1999-2003 (approximately 40 courses European Comenius-Grundtvig since that date).

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  • European Training Course Erasmus+ 2016-2017 Pedagogy of the color blue as an European social fact

    1 January 2015

    The European Association Paysage et patrimoine sans frontière is organizing a new international training courses Erasmus + :
    Pedagogy of the color blue as a European social fact , between literature , arts and sciences

    This course follows the European multilateral project Blue Languages in Europe. Creativity and innovation 2009-2011 proposed and coordinated by Aline Rutily for the Association, in partnership with the City of Ravenna in Italy, departmental inspection of Bacau Romania, choreographic and cultural Center Belyaev and Joao de Deus School of Faro, in Portugal.

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  • Transcultural Carpet Blue

    6 June 2011

    You can take part in the Transcultural blue Carpet, an interactive artwork created by Aline Rutily, visible on the site

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